University studies in the Czech Republic



Studying an English programme in the Czech Republic

Education at university is now an ever-growing industry. University education has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Traditionally the university education has been very difficult to enter as places for the courses were very limited and given to the best students and with good influence from schools with good reputations. The power of influence and nepotism was a big issue before and still today, although it is rather diminished and disguised. Universities were a great status symbol, and restricted to high-class students. But now the modern times have given much more access and popularity to the university sector for education. People are now not so restricted because of ability, class, sex, race, color or creed, or at least these factors are now less scrutinized and not determining the fate of the student and his/her quest for higher education. Universities are now becoming more of the ‘business’ entity and the corporate face is shining through into the media world and marketing world. They want more and more students, as they have a business to run and their fee to be paid.

Travel and tourism have also given rise to the university sector. Students may not be happy in their home nation or their intended course of study is not so easy to access or available. Universities are now offering more places to the foreign student. The ‘foreign’ student is now a popular term and a new channel of business has opened for the universities. One country that is proving to be a popular choice for foreign students is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic and especially Prague has been an attractive place to come and learn, and giving students a new taste of culture and a new society to live in and enjoy studying. Prague has so much attraction and distraction to enjoy the city with its night life and has been a growing ‘student city’.

To help this growing student city, there are agencies to support and assist with choices and applications for courses. Questions need to be answered and students need extra support for going abroad to study. The resource is dedicated to assist potential students around the world to find their education opportunities in the Czech Republic from one side and to assist Universities in CR to  attract international students and promote themselves to the global community on the other side. They work with the Czech universities offering educational programs in English and other languages. Their mission is to promote education in the Czech Republic to the global community. Coming to live in a new country can be difficult and especially as a student, there are many aspects to consider. It can be very challenging and difficult. But help is available and Universities.CZ  is your best resource about education in the Czech Republic.

They are a young dynamic international team and understand the process and challenges of applying for a course in a foreign country. With, you can feel confident and assured to find the help that you need. The team are dedicated to help international students find, choose and apply for the best study program in the Czech Republic. English language is important for studies, as foreign students will obviously need access to their studies with good teaching in clear and proficient English language. provides a list of Czech universities and colleges, which offer study programmes in English. As well as the courses, students need to know about student life and living in Czech republic. So, will provide information about studying and living in the Czech Republic. They are able to assist newcomers to organise their student life in the Czech Republic from scratch... And in their words: “We want to make your life and studies in the Czech republic easier”
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University studies in the Czech Republic


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